May 03, 2019

Last time we were in cagematch - we beat some of the best performers & instructors at UCB at their own game. Come out to the show - vote for us - and help us defeat pure evil! 

May 11, 2019

A crime has been committed, the evidence presented, and now it’s time for deliberations. Each show Playground summons some of New York City’s best comedians and performers to join them in improvising their way through a criminal case that will decide the fate of others. 

May 18, 2019

Ruderals release the first of a three-part EP series, "Growth," "Wither," and "Decay." Ruderals are a modern art rock / post-punk trio with influences ranging from Pavement to King Crimson to Drive Like Jehu. Our EP Growth, which we release on May 18th through our own label Captives Collective, is a glimpse into our first stage of song writing, peppered with new experiments in spoken word and jazz.

Recalculating are a scrappy, feisty, indie(ish) punk trio. Heart-on-sleeve but not sentimental, self-aware but not self-serious, and almost always grammatically correct. Art-punk / riot dad. Check em out at

Buddhababy are an experimental rock band based in Astoria, Queens. The musical DNA of the group ranges from swing & bepop to funk & psychedelic. Check em out here:

May 29, 2019

WED · MAY 29, 2019 DOORS: 7:00 PM / SHOW: 7:30 PM $8.00 - $10.00

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